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From the Asian Studies and Business Centre we offer you several courses focused on East Asia: Chinese language courses for children, Chinese for schools, Chinese for adults, official exam preparation courses, Chinese calligraphy, and business courses business in Asia, ... Access all our current training offer.

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Through theChongwen Institute we offer many courses: Chinese calligraphy, Chinese and Japanese language courses, business and economics courses and Asian society and culture courses
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Access to our services offering advice and consulting services , which aims to guide your in establishing any business relationship with East Asia countries
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C.E.N.A. (Asian Business and Studies Centre) offers Spanish and Catalan language courses for Asian students through its International School
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Desde le CENA ofrecemos una serie de servicios destinados a la comunidad china
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The Asian Studies and Business Centre

Our main mission is to bring Asia to the population through two lines of action:

* CENA Training
* CENA Consulting

From CENA - Consulting, our core mission is to guide Western companies during the investment or business expansion to East Asia, making them knowledgeable of all the steps, possibilities, documentation, ... listed in establishing trade relations, are the as they may be with Asia.

From CENA - Training (INSTITUTE CHONGWEN) we try to bring the East Asian culture  to local people, with special incidence to the business, giving it technical resources, both theoretical and practical, focusing on cultural aspects the economy and the business world and business.


Our offer

The Asian Studies and Business Centre (CENA) is projected as a service institution specializing in guiding the footsteps of those Spanish companies that want to invest and / or trade with the countries of East in general and especially with China Asia, allowing the customer make decisions and define their business strategy safely.

Likewise, CENA aims to bring the world of East Asia to the local population by providing courses, seminars and workshops focusing on different areas of society, culture, economy, language of the countries of East Asia

The strategic lines can be divided into two distinct areas:

* Training
* Advice and Consulting

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